• 1920 – original name – Rudolf Klausson's Sweets Factory (Estonian: Rudolf Klaussoni nimeline kommivabrik)
  • 1926 – production processes took place on Jahu ("flour" from English) Street in Tallinn
  • 1937 - R. Klausson Sweets Factory was 4´th largest Estonian sweets factory (243 tons, 7,4% branch of industry, 81 employees) 
  • 1940 – was merged with other confectioneries, which later made up the Kalev confectionery factory
  • 1992 – Marmiton AS was established (Marmiton = a chef´s assistant, kitchen boy from French)
  • 2005 – Svensky Kaubanduse AS acquired the shares of Marmiton
  • 2007 – in December, Marmiton AS acquired all manufacturing operations of Vahvlivabrik OÜ along with its employees, manufacturing equipment and technology
  • 2008 – in June, the manufacturing operations of Balti Sepik AS were acquired
  • 2013 - a new corporate identity
  • 2017 - January merger with Nordhaus OÜ (frozen bakery category) and moving two Marmiton factory to a modern production complex located at Männiku



  • Turnover in 2006 – 0,82 million eur, 326 tons, percentage of export 4,7%
  • Turnover in 2011 – 2,44 million eur, 832 tons, percentage of export 13,5%
  • Turnover in 2016 – 2,74 million eur, 886 tons, percentage of export 19,6%
  • Turnover in 2017 - 3,66 million eur, 1523 tons, percentage of export 33%           
  • Number of employees – 23 employees in the unit on Jahu Street, 49 employees in the unit on Laki Street. 



  • Halva • Cream wafers •Jellies • Marzipan • Waffles • Waffle cups •
  • Biscuits • Bread snacks • Gingerbread • Swiss roll basis •
  • Frozen bakery products: Yeast dough • Pastry dough • Baguettes  • Bread  • Finnish Pitkos • Differnet pastry and small bread 
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Marmiton AS, Silikaltsiidi 8, 11216 Tallinn, Eesti, Phone: +372 6271 733, E-mail: marmiton[at]